Wrtie a poem-like text that begins with a materialistic mood geometrical structured passes a transcendent mood and ends with a devine mood complex structured

In lines of steel and angles sharp,
A world of concrete and glass,
Where progress reigns and dreams are harped,
And beauty fades in the past.

But as the shadows start to lengthen,
And the city lights begin to gleam,
A glimmer of something hidden,
Catches my eye in a dream.

Beyond the noise and chaos,
A different world starts to unfold,
Where the soul can find its roses,
And the heart its stories told.

In the silence of the night,
A different order takes its place,
Where the stars shine bright,
And the world is bathed in grace.

And as the dawn breaks through,
I see the world anew,
With a beauty that shines true,
And a love that shines through.

In the light of a higher power,
I find my true self,
Where the lines and angles cower,
And the world is free from wealth.

For in the end, it's not the things we own,
But the love that we've grown,
That guides us to our true home,
And makes our hearts feel known.