Write a description of a football that was improved

The improved football is made with a new type of synthetic material that is more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The surface of the ball is textured to provide better grip and control for the players. The internal bladder is also made with a special material that maintains its shape and air pressure longer. Additionally, the ball has been designed to be more aerodynamic, allowing for better trajectory and distance when kicked or thrown. Overall, the improved football is designed to provide a better playing experience for both amateur and professional players.

What additional features you find if you use triz.

TRIZ, which stands for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving," is a methodology that can be used to identify and solve problems in various fields, including product design. When using TRIZ to improve a football, some additional features that might be considered include:

These are just a few examples of the additional features that could be considered when using TRIZ to improve a football. The key idea is to think beyond the current state of technology and consider different ways to solve problems and enhance the performance and functionality of the ball.