Write a discussion between bob who thinks positive about death penalty, ben, who thinks negative about it an tim, who wants to disturb their discussion.

Bob: I believe in the death penalty. It serves as a deterrent for criminals and brings closure to the victims' families.

Ben: I disagree. The death penalty is flawed and often results in the execution of innocent people. It's also a costly and ineffective solution to crime.

Tim: Can we please not argue about this? It's a sensitive topic and we should respect each other's opinions.

Bob: I understand, but I believe in the importance of holding criminals accountable for their actions.

Ben: But the death penalty is not the way to do that. Studies have shown that it does not decrease crime rates and it's a violation of human rights.

Tim: Guys, can we please change the subject? This is getting heated and it's not productive.

Bob: Fine, but I still stand by my belief that the death penalty is necessary for justice.

Ben: And I stand by my belief that it's a flawed and inhumane practice.

Tim: Let's agree to disagree and move on to another topic.