Write a poem with very similar words in it.

In the dark, the stars shine bright
In the night, the moon takes flight
In the sky, the clouds roll by
In the breeze, the leaves sigh

In the spring, the flowers bloom
In the summer, the bees zoom
In the fall, the leaves turn red
In the winter, the snowflakes spread

In the morning, the sun rises high
In the afternoon, the birds take to the sky
In the evening, the stars come out to play
In the night, the moon guides us on our way

In the end, we all must part
In the beginning, a new start
In the middle, we live and learn
In the present, we take our turn.

Again but with a sad materialistic mood in the beginnig that develops into a transcendental and devine mood and words that share the same letters

In the mall, the crowds rush by
In the stores, the prices fly high
In the racks, the clothes are displayed
In the carts, the goods are carried away

In the chaos, the noise is loud
In the rush, the people are proud
In the material, the value is lost
In the emptiness, the soul is tossed

But in the silence, the mind is clear
In the stillness, the spirit is near
In the quiet, the truth is found
In the present, the love surrounds

In the heart, the peace resides
In the soul, the joy resides
In the mind, the beauty resides
In the spirit, the divine resides.