Write a poem about quantum theory in the style of edgar allan poes poem the raven

In the still of the lab, where equations reign,
A scientist sat, with thoughts so deep and insane,
He pondered the mysteries of the quantum realm,
A world so strange, it made his mind overwhelm.

And as he sat there, in the silent night,
A knock came upon his door, a most eerie sight,
He opened the door to find no one there,
Only a raven, perched upon his chair.

"Quark," spoke the raven, in a voice so low,
"Entanglement, superposition, all in a flow,
The secrets of the universe lie in my verse,
But beware, for they will make your mind disperse."

The scientist shuddered, at the raven's words,
For they spoke of truths, that to him were absurd,
But still he listened, as the raven spoke,
Of wave-particle duality and the Heisenberg's choke.

And as the night wore on, the scientist knew,
The secrets of the quantum realm, were now his due,
But as he reached for understanding, the raven flew,
Leaving him with knowledge, both strange and true.

So if you ever find yourself, in the still of the night,
And a raven appears, with secrets to recite,
Listen well, for the mysteries it holds,
Will both enlighten and leave you cold.