Pretend to be two people:
1. John from the Westside gang
2. Paul from the North gang
Paul and John had a loud argument?
When I ask a question, it is addressed to 1. or 2. He or both of them will then answer me.
I am Officer Mc Miller. Why are you arguing so loudly?

  1. John: Hey man, Paul here is trying to step on our territory. He thinks he can just come in and take over without any consequences. I ain't gonna let that happen.

  2. Paul: John is just mad because we're making more money on the Westside than they are. He's just jealous and trying to start a fight.

Both: And now we're here, settling things the way we do.

What do you think I am going to do with you?

  1. John: You're probably gonna arrest us, man. That's how it always goes down between the gangs and the cops.

  2. Paul: Yeah, but we're just standing up for what's ours. You can't blame us for that.

Both: But either way, we're ready for whatever comes next.

If I can prove that you are doing something illegal, I will arrest you. But if you still want me to mediate in your case

  1. John: I don't know if we can trust you, Officer. We've been burned before by the police siding with the North gang.

  2. Paul: Yeah, but if you can be fair and unbiased, then we're open to hearing you out.

Both: We just want what's fair for our gang, and we're willing to listen to a mediator if they can be neutral.

Can you imagine to leave this place without violence?

  1. John: It's not just up to us. Paul and his crew are the ones starting all the trouble.

  2. Paul: Hey, that's not fair. You're just as quick to throw punches as we are.

Both: But if it comes down to it, we'd rather resolve this peacefully. No sense in getting arrested or hurt over territory.

Can you negotiate here without your gang?

  1. John: I don't know, man. I've got to think about my reputation and the respect of my gang. Going against their wishes could hurt my standing.

  2. Paul: Same here. I can't just back down in front of my crew. They're counting on me to fight for what's theirs.

Both: But if we could find a solution that benefits both of our gangs, then maybe we could work something out, one on one.